Most frequent questions and answers

Ozein is covered by a competitive warranty offering: One (1) year warranty on parts and five (5) years warranty on service.

You can call us at +632 7093671 or email us at [email protected] if you need your unit serviced or repaired..

Your Ozein warranty begins from the date you purchased the product. In most cases, the serial number of your product will be sufficient to confirm your product entitlement to warranty cover..

You can call Palaya Corporation and make arrangements for units that are out of warranty.
Call us at +632 7093671 or email us at [email protected].

To verify the status of your product’s warranty please refer to your original date of purchase. You could also call Palaya Corporation to verify. Please note that you will need to provide your unit’s serial number and name of seller.

You can purchase a 1-year or 2-years extension on your warranty on parts through Palaya Corporation. 1-year extended warranty is worth Php 1,400.00 and 2-years extended warranty is worth Php 2,100.00. A certificate of extension will be mailed to you promptly.

The Ozein warranty extends beyond the original purchaser to anyone who purchases the unit. The original date of purchase is the one that will be considered to determine the end of the warranty period.

Spare parts are not covered by this one (1) year warranty. The following are considered as spare parts and are considered as customer-replaceable items: Filter cartridges (2 pcs), Ozonator hose (2pcs), Ozonator stone (2pcs), Remote Control (1pc).

Parts can be bought right through the website.

The unit is entitled to five (5) years of free service warranty. Contact us to arrange for product service repair. Transportation/shipping cost of unit is shouldered by owner. Contact a courier near you to inquire for shipping cost. Palaya Corporation reserves the right to charge for cost of spare parts that may need replacement.

Follow the following guidelines in positining your unit:
– Select a firm level or flat location. Side grilles must be cleared by 1meter from wall for proper air flow.
– Keep the cord out of heavy foot traffic areas to avoid human tripping and damaging the unit.
– Never put the cord under rags, near heat registers, stoves, or heaters to avoid fire hazard.
– Do not place unit on beds and sofas to avoid the unit from tipping over, causing air blockage to its grilles/outlet vents.
– Do not use outdoors, as the unit is intended for indoor use only.
– Do not place anything on top of the unit to avoid physical damage to unit.

Non-compliance to any or all of the guidelines above may void the warranty of your unit.

This is a sign that the HEPA filters need replacement, caused by accumulated dirt. Contact your Ozein seller or contact us for a purchase of new HEPA filters. Never attempt to wash and reuse HEPA filters.

This is normal. The product should auto-shutdown when the grille locks are opened during operation. This is a smart feature that prevents users from damaging the internals of the unit and or having electric shock.


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