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Ozein 4-Stage Air Purifier


Clean air used to be a right. Now, it’s a choice. Escape from the air pollution by making your home or office a designated breathing room: A special place where you could breathe in pure, clean, fresh air. Ozein’s powerful four-stage air purifying system can free your room from dust, pollen, mold spores, viruses, bacteria and other allergens. More than ever, removing these invisible threats is a critical step in keeping your family healthy. Air is life. Pure and clean is what you deserve.

22,000 PHP

Technical Specs

Multi-stage cleaning: Pre-filter, HEPA, Activated Carbon, UVC Lamp
HEPA Air Delivery of Air Inlet: 124 cu.m./hr
UVC Wavelength: 253.7mm
Sound Level: <45dB (ambient noise: 35dB)
Unit Size (LxWxH): 38.6 x 16 x 33.9cm
Unit Net Weight: 3.4kg
Input Voltage: 220V/60Hz
Power on Maximum: <40W
1-8 Hours timer
Twin Air Inlet
Remote Control
LED Display
HEPA Filter Reset Indicator
Quiet Fan
Two Selectable Fan Speeds
Separate Ozone Button

What's in the Box

Borg Balaye Borja
The most amazing appliance that has ever been created.
Don Donato
The product speaks for itself, and I want to avail of the Pabahay Program
Buddy Tupas
5 Stars for this!

Ozein Mobile


Ozein Mobile can free your car from the worst of air pollutants. You can breathe easy knowing that Ozein is 99.99% effective in removing airborne contaminants that include dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander (skin flakes), mold, dioxin, formaldehyde and even radon decay byproducts. It is also effective in killing virus and bacteria that pass through its system. With Ozein Mobile you can create an atmosphere of wellness and turn your car into a clean breathing space that your family deserves.

4,800 PHP

Technical Specs

Voltage Output: 12V DC
Current Output: 500mA
Power Consumption: 1.2 Watts
Ozone Output: 30mg/h
Negative Ion Output: 1,000,000/cu. cm.
Unit Size: 16×12.5×3.8cm
Unit Net Weight: 400g
Area Capacity: 8-10 sq. m.

What's in the Box

Ozein Mobile Air-Purifier Instruction Manual Warranty Card Power Cable Slide Proof Mat
Marcie Javier Geronilla
A good investment for your health
Christy Magsombol
"My veggie juice (carrots, apple, celery, cucumber) tastes best after being Ozeinated....a really must have for a healther you..
Ching Pardines Zurita
Wellness machine... necessity home and office appliance every one must have.

Spare Parts

HEPA Filter + Carbon Filter combo

1,500 PHP

UV Lamp


650 PHP Per Pair

Ozonator Hose + Stone Pack


400 PHP Per Pair

Remote Control


Contact For Price

Ozein carry bag


500 PHP


Phone: + 0977 214 6748
PALAYA CORPORATION 510 Tower B, Regalia Tower Suites, P. Tuazon Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines