10 Ways to Prevent Air Pollution in your Home


10 Ways to Prevent Air Pollution in your Home

Although Ozein helps purify the air in your prevention is certainly something to consider, there are variety of things that can be done to prevent air pollution in your home. Here are 10 ways to prevent indoor air pollution within your household that will allow you to breathe easy.

  1. Do not smoke inside. Smoking leaves residual gas and particles that settle into fabrics. These particles pose health risk especially to those who are often on these fabrics, like young children. Second and third hand smoking is proven to have adverse effects to those exposed to it, with one of main health effects being asthma.
  2. Household cleaners contain chemicals can cause irritation to your nose, lungs, and respiratory system. This irritation can cause inflammation to your lungs making chronic condition more agonizing. Keep these products in their own area and make sure to properly ventilate when using them.
  3. Allergens such as mold, pet dander, and dust mites should be kept to a minimal or not at all. These are things that can be avoided by keeping your household clean on a regular basis, making sure there are no leaks in your pipes, and vacuum your carpets.
  4. Gas Stoves that are not ventilated well. When cooking keep windows or leave your vent open whenever you’re cooking. To avoid gas spreading within the air, you can change to electric stoves.
  5. Old building materials can cause significant health issues, so they are best avoided. Some of these include lead and asbestos which is known to causes a wide array of health issues.
  6. Air Fresheners use should minimized as they can cause irritation to your lungs. This is especially true in regards to aerosol cans fresheners, oil burners, and candles that produce smoke.
  7. Minimize clutter to stop the build-up of allergens. Dust loves to lay it heavy on areas without much movement, these also become places for pests and critters to call home.
  8. Use Crafting Supplies in a ventilated this includes glues, paints, and toner inks. This means turning on a vent or opening up windows and working in areas that have plenty of space.
  9. Remove your work clothes and shoes at the door if you work within the construction field, to prevent spreading any materials into your home. Your work clothes can bring dirt, dust, chemicals, and other pollutants into your clean air zone.
  10. Ventilate whenever possible and check your filters – open windows, doors, vents, and clean any filters from devices that collect particles on a regular basis. Filters should be of high quality to ensure the highest amount of protection, like those used in Ozein which our high-efficiency particular arresting.

Prevent Air Pollution and use air purification systems like Ozein to avoid potential health risks such as asthma, chronic lung problems, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. On top of these risks indoor air pollution like radon can cause serious life threatening health issues like lung cancer.


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